January 19, 2024 – Housing Meeting Highlights

Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake, with the support of Travel Alberta, is undertaking a staff housing study for the Nordegg region. We have engaged consultant Thom Stubbs from the Headwater Group to lead this project. Below is a summary of the points that were discussed during our first advisory committee meeting.

Project Overview

The project’s purpose is to review the community’s staff housing challenges to identify recommendations for the Clearwater County Land Use Bylaw review and opportunities for staff housing development along with options for a housing corporation.

Three main work steps were reviewed:

Situation Analysis

A review and discussion of current and projected employee housing issues and concerns will be reviewed to identify options for Clearwater County Land-use bylaw and development options. Some key review questions are identified in the meeting presentation.

Options Analysis

A review and discussion of potential regulatory (e.g. land-use bylaw) and development (project-specific employee housing) options was held. Examples of regulatory and development options are presented in the meeting presentation.

Action Plan

An Action Plan will be developed with recommendations and actions for Clearwater County land-use bylaw recommendations along with a staff housing development concept and potential organizational structure.

Follow-up Actions


Area businesses are encouraged to fill out the online staff housing survey. This short survey aims to develop an understanding of the level of demand for, and specific business interest in participating in a staff housing project.


Thom Stubbs will be following up with some meeting participants and area businesses to help gather information. If any specific business wishes to share information on staff housing and area needs, please reach out to Thom at Thom.Stubbs@Headwatergroup.ca to set up a call.

Next Meeting

The next project meeting is scheduled for February 22nd. This meeting will be online only.

Thanks to all of those who attended:

  • Annabelle Oung – Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake
  • Celina Whiteknife – Beehive Bungalows/Beehive Artisans Market
  • Danielle Fortin – Nordegg Canteen/Nordegg Adventures/Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake
  • Haley Cartwright – Miners’ Cafe (online)
  • Jennifer Ariano – Expanse Cottages
  • Jerry Holik – Nature’s Getaway
  • Jerry Pratt – Clearwater County Economic Development Officer
  • JP Fortin – Nordegg Canteen/Nordegg Adventures/Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake
  • Lisa Lima – Travel Alberta (online)
  • Michelle Swanson – Clearwater County Reeve
  • Neil Ratcliffe – Clearwater County Division Five Councilor
  • Thom Stubbs – Headwater Group/ Project consultant

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